from by Crows-An-Wra



like winter thickets my heart crumbles on this early night
thoughts of death and love lost blur my forsight.
but not in my name i hear called so loud
but like a cold wind on a thin crack covered over
forgotten is, ignored are, the words we so strongly shout.
wool is in the ears, snakes are in the grass.
deception covers the phone lines and i have no more questions to ask
Where there are deaths, there's no victory!
You don't liberate a country by turning its soil into debris
not all will be so quiet in other lands our problems are thrust
out of sight but in my mind are the hearts of the loved ones we should send love.
and we stand alone wearing this crown of thorns.


from Kakotopia, released January 26, 2016



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Crows-An-Wra Cornwall, UK

Progressive punk band from Cornwall, UK.

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